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25.09.14 16:30 - 27.09.14

EU Design Days 2014

This year's edition of EU Design Days will focus on the two themes "economic value of design" and "How to help young designers and enterprises to benefit from design" and it comes with three new partnerships; Microsoft Innovation Centre, South Africa and Brussels Design September.

The event will be held in Microsoft's Innovation Centre from 24th to 26th September.

Design Days 2014 will start with a networking cocktail, kindly hosted by South Africa - World Design Capital 2014 - in the early evening 24th September.

The 25th September will be a full day of activities including a morning session with round table discussions targeting the policy and innovation dimension of design and will be followed by five workshops in the afternoon. The last day of the event will focus on Design projects funded by the EU and what the following steps for the EU will be.

EU Design Days is a unique event enabling regions and their stakeholders from all over Europe to come together in order to exchange information and know-how about the added value of implementing design as a tool for regional innovation.
For further information please contact Anna Spechtenhauser anna.spechtenhasuer@region-stuttgart.de


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