• Since our region is unsurpassed with regard to the number of people working in high tech jobs, we consider it crucial to stay abreast of the newest developments in research and technology.


funded under Interreg IVC, Regional Initiative project

The objective of POOLING4CLUSTERS is to improve the innovation capacity of existing small and medium sized enterprises (SME) in the seven partner regions by improving the effectiveness of cluster support policies. The Project focuses especially on the links between Regional Development Agencies (RDA) and existing Cluster Initiatives (CI) in order to harmonize their collaboration and the services they offer. The aim is to optimize the use of regional resources as well as to improve regional support frameworks to clusters and cluster initiatives.

The project partners will analyse their regional experiences in services provided to SMEs by RDAs and CIs and to identify and select those good practices whose added value can be increased by collaboration between both and that can be transferred to other regions. A common evaluation method will be developed and applied. On the regional levels, the project partners will develop recommendation plans adjusted to the regional circumstances and provide them to regional authorities in order to improve innovation and cluster support policies.