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European networks

Networks ensure lasting links and a continuous exchange with European partners. They provide a large pool of regions from which to win partners for a region's own project proposals. Additionally, they provide an opportunity to participate in project proposals of other regions. Own interests can be represented more effectively and objectives achieved more easily when a region is part of an alliance. All of the partners learn from each other by sharing experiences and examples of best practice.

The Stuttgart Region participates actively in the following European networks:

METREX (The network of European Metropolitan Regions and Areas)

METREX is a network of more than 50 metropolitan regions and areas in Europe. Observers come from the USA and Asia. The aim of the network is to provide a platform for the exchange of experiences in relation to spatial planning and regional development issues and to take joint action on issues of common interest. Thomas Kiwitt, Director Planning of the Verband Region Stuttgart is member of the Managing Committee of METREX since April 2021.

METREX (The network of European Metropolitan Regions and Areas)


ERRIN European Regions Research and Innovation Network in Brussels

The objective of the European Regions Research and Innovation Network is to maintain a network of regions and help shape European research and innovation policy. The network's regional office and the thematic

working groups organise events in Brussels concerning current topics and developments in research and innovation policy. Regions have the chance to share their experiences at workshops dealing with current EU tender offers. Project marketplaces provide a forum for partners from the regions to develop project ideas and form syndicates. Thanks to its active participation in ERRIN, the Stuttgart Region has fast access to information and can win partners for projects as well as maintain its links to the EU Commission and other institutions.

The Region's European Office is a member of the network's Management Board and leads the Working Group for Design and Creativity and the Transport Working Group.

ERRIN European Regions Research and Innovation Network in Brussels

POLIS (European Cities and Regions Networking for New Transport Solutions)

POLIS is a network of European cities and regions working together in the field of traffic management and technologies. The Stuttgart Region benefits in particular from the insights gained from exchanging information with other regions. Another advantage of this network is that its members are informed at an early stage about planned changes and new developments to EU regulations and funding programmes. This allows them to react promptly or find partners for proposed projects quickly.

The Stuttgart Region is part of the network's Management Committee and participates in various expert groups.

POLIS (European Cities and Regions Networking for New Transport Solutions)

EMTA ( European Metropolitan Transport Authorities)

Through its responsibility for the S-Bahn suburban railway system in the Stuttgart Region, Verband Region Stuttgart is an associate member of EMTA, the European network of transport authorities. EMTA aims to improve mobility management and enhance the quality of public transport. The advantage of EMTA for Verband Region Stuttgart is that it can use this network to obtain public transport data of different European transport organisations and benefit from an exchange with other public transport authorities. In addition, through EMTA the Stuttgart Region has links to important EU decision makers in the field of mobility.


Covenant of Mayors

The Covenant of Mayors is an initiative by the European Union to help achieve the EU's climate protection objectives. The Covenant is made up of local and regional authorities and networks as well as supporting organisations from European countries. Verband Region Stuttgart is the first region in Germany to have joined the Supporting Structure and assume the task of informing cities and local authorities in its catchment area about this climate protection initiative and providing related advice. The aim is to help improve the quality of life in the Stuttgart Region.

Covenant of Mayor

European Innovation Policy Group on LinkedIn

Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart is the founder and facilitator of the "European Innovation Policy" network on the internet platform LinkedIn. Its target group includes innovation policy makers, employees at the European Commission as well as innovation and cluster managers. The group currently has around 5,700 members. They discuss programmes, initiate projects and provide information on events. Employees at the European Commission also use the LinkedIn group for informal consultations.n.