• Since our region is unsurpassed with regard to the number of people working in high tech jobs, we consider it crucial to stay abreast of the newest developments in research and technology.


funded under 6th Framework Programme: Specific Programmes “Structuring the European Research Area” and “Integrating and Strengthening the European Research Area”

INNO-DEAL intends to improve the existing start-up and innovation support instruments of european regions. The main tasks of the project consortium can be described as Analysis, Diagnosis, Engineering, Pilot Actions and Monitoring.

Analysis: Regional support programmes are analysed and compared to identify strengths and weaknesses. In addition, available good practices derived from other innovation projects are taken into account.

Diagnosis: In regional Light Foresight Analyses, common strategic issues for the support of innovation and SME development are identified.

Engineering: Opportunities for common actions are identified. Special focus is directed to the barriers to such common actions to find possibilities to overcome them and to find ways for the implementation.

Pilot Actions and Monitoring: Implementation and action plans are elaborated and tested in joint mentoring pilot actions and lessons learnt are drawn.