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AFRESH (Activity and Food for Regional Economies Supporting Health)

funded under FP7, Regions of Knowledge

Healthy food and physical activity contribute considerably to the prevention of diseases. Here, the key is to use appropriate concepts and products. AFRESH used a dual approach bringing together nutrition and physical activity clusters.

Research and economic players from eight European regions with strengths in the food industry as well as in the physical activity and health sector (food and health clusters) joined forces for scientifically based innovations for the health care system and the health economy.

They achieved the objectives:

Drawing of regional stakeholder maps of the eight participating regions, analysis of the offers and demand in the regions, SWOT/SOR-analysis of the regional physical activity and nutrition initiatives and institutions, study visits, workshops and conferences for the regional stakeholders and external experts, development of a joint action plan and business plans for the regions, creating a joint research agenda and discussing strategies and product ideas.

All measures are accompanied by intensive dissemination and communication.