• Events like workshops and conferences held either in the Stuttgart region or in Brussels enable cooperation, know-how-exchange, marketing and influence on political decisions and allow the Stuttgart region to both market itself as a business location and to initiate concrete projects. 

01.03.23 09:30 - 12:30 Uhr

Metropolitan Regions Shaping Transformation

Cohesion policy is and remains one of the cornerstones of European integration. At the same time, the objectives for the use of cohesion funds have become more complex, because in addition to social and spatial cohesion, they are now also intended to support urgently needed transformation processes. 

The European metropolitan regions in Germany are pioneers and strong drivers of this transformation at regional, national and European level. As urban-rural partnerships, they are tackling the cohesion policy and transformational challenges, e.g. in industry, energy supply, the food industry or green infrastructure, with innovative ideas. 

To this end, the Initiativkreis der deutschen Metropolregionen will present exemplary projects and discuss with representatives of other metropolitan areas in Europe and European institutions in Brussels about future issues and how to secure the metropolitan regions' ability to act within the framework of cohesion policy. We are looking forward to a keynote speech by Jan Olbrycht (MEP). 

Place: Representation of the Free State of Bavaria to the European Union, Rue Wiertz 77, 1000 Brussels

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