• Since our region is unsurpassed with regard to the number of people working in high tech jobs, we consider it crucial to stay abreast of the newest developments in research and technology.


Sustainable development in Europe cannot be achieved without the participation of enterprises. However, it is essential to apply concrete measures and not just to do greenwashing. Meanwhile, the generation of Fridays for Future, Futurepreneurs and Future Consumers ("Generation F") holds enormous potential. This generation does not yet feel that its concerns regarding the climate and societal challenges are sufficiently taken into account. 

The challenges not only affect small and medium-sized enterprises in particular, but also public authorities and the general public. The GREENPACT consortium believes that companies, e.g. from the creative industries, want to better understand consumer concerns but often do not have access to data or the appropriate skills. To achieve a more sustainable, equitable and greener Europe, connecting industries and Generation F is one of the first steps to be taken. In the participating regions, approaches such as impact entrepreneurship and circular economy are being used. GREENPACT is also developing an innovative bottom-up approach where younger and older people work together across countries. Together with stakeholders, experts, SMEs and Generation F, action plans, pilot actions and a self-assessment tool are developed, leading to a certification scheme for businesses. Through targeted communication activities, the target groups and the general public learn to understand the global crises as an opportunity for new business models. The development of transnational strategies and action plans lead to the implementation of laboratories, workshops, pilot actions, publicly accessible tools and a certification.