• Since our region is unsurpassed with regard to the number of people working in high tech jobs, we consider it crucial to stay abreast of the newest developments in research and technology.

CERIecon Central European Regional Innovation Ecosystems Network

Change is still needed to make the cities and regions in Central Europe better places to work and live. Daring young entrepreneurs (start-ups & young SMEs) with brilliant ideas could contribute considerably to this change. But they can’t. Factors such as a lack of an entrepreneurial culture and mind-set leading to a limited interest in entrepreneurship are hampering their efforts. There is also inadequate training to improve their skills and entrepreneurial competences and innovation in general is being hampered by the lingering effects of the historical east-west divide and the recent economic crisis through an underinvestment in R&D. The aim of CERIecon is to change the way entrepreneurs are inspired, trained and supported by developing and implementing new-type comprehensive regional innovation ecosystems (called Playparks) and a transnational innovation ecosystems’ network to advance economic and social innovation in a majority of central European Member States