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SULPiTER - Sustainable Urban Logistics Planning to Enhance Regional Freight Transport

The European Commission has set an ambitious goal of CO2-free city logistics by 2030. 82% of Europeans will live in cities by 2050, consequently urban freight issues need to be tackled in the perspective of the functional transport & economic relations between inner urban centres and the surrounding of urban territories.

SULPiTER enhances the improvement of urban freight mobility planning in authorities. The aim is to support policy makers in improving their understanding of Functional Urban Areas (FUAs) freight and logistic phenomena in an energy and environmental perspective by developing and adopting Sustainable Urban Logistics Plans (SULPs).

FUAs have also complex governance structures and a high variety of stakeholders. Each FUA involved is ruled by different laws and regulations in terms of logistics. Therefore the project partners will strive to map stakeholders influencing freight transport in each FUA.

Policy makers from Bologna (Italy), Budapest (Hungary), Poznan (Poland), Brescia (Italy), Stuttgart (Germany), Maribor (Slovenia) and Rijeka (Croatia) will engage with local, regional and national non-partner authorities, as well as with technical partners in a transnational policy capacity building exercise to develop transnational analytical and governance tools for improved and adopted policies. The aim of SULPiTER is to establish a Freight Quality Partnership (FQP) between all stakeholders.