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PROSESC - Producer Services for European Sustainability and Competitiveness

funded under Interreg IVC

In order to maintain and increase its life quality and to ensure sustainability, Europe is compelled to reduce the impact of transport on environment dramatically. The producing part of the road transport sector is under immense pressure to develop and produce "green" vehicles under today's very difficult market conditions.

On the one hand, PROSESC seeks to improve the regional policy making measures for sustainable road transport in Europe through the exchange of good practices, sharing of experiences and know-how as well as through contacts with experts. On the other hand, it establish a network of regional and local policy-makers and development authorities, which will improve the European public support strategies and policies regarding environmental sustainability and competitiveness of road transport by supporting knowledge-intensive producer services sector.

Both objectives shall be achieved by improving regional public support schemes for innovation-inducing producer services across Europe, transferring the academic know-how to regional policy-makers and by stimulating the design of next-generation cluster support policies.

The improved regional development policies shall lead to improvements in terms of the environmental viability and sustainability of automotive manufacturing value-chains and end-products.