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POLYCITY – Energy Networks in Sustainable Cities

co-funded under Sixth Framework Research Programme, Concerto, Integrated Project

The Polycity project covers the funding of three major housing projects in Germany, Spain and Italy. In Germany it is the new building zone of Scharnhäuser Park in Ostfildern. Plans include the optimal use of the recently completed biomass block-type thermal power station. The idea is that the heat generated and unused in summer should be used to provide air-conditioning for the office buildings by using thermal cooling techniques. At the same time, every building will be equipped with an exceptionally high standard of insulation to prevent unnecessary heat losses in winter. The measures are to be implemented from 2005 to 2010.

Ostfildern with its Scharnhäuser Park is therefore one of 31 showcase ecological municipalities in the EU, experiences from which will be of benefit to others. Besides Scharnhäuser Park the two other housing projects incorporated in the project are: Cerdanyola del Vallès - a new building zone in the north of Barcelona planned for 50,000 residents, and the Arquata redevelopment area in Turin, a working class quarter that is being redeveloped along ecological lines.