• Since our region is unsurpassed with regard to the number of people working in high tech jobs, we consider it crucial to stay abreast of the newest developments in research and technology.

Making Knowledge Work (MKW)

funded under INTERREG IVC, NWE

The project aims at transferring and mainstreaming European good practices to improve the innovation capacity of regions, by bridging gaps within the innovation chain. Focus will be on the linkage between RTD and the final stage of innovation: MKW will mainstream activities, policies and measures that stimulate the take up of innovative ideas and knowledge to transform them into chances for business opportunities.

MKW will mainstream good practices that involve all spheres of the triple helix, for example:
• activities that pick up and valorize unused ideas and patents that rest on the shelf at universities or larger companies
• good practices that are putting researchers into contact with potential launching customers
• public authorities catalysing innovation by asking for innovative products in their procurement policies (innovative pre competitive procurement)
• improving the availability and entrance to pre seed and seed capital
• strategies to deal with intellectual property and patents (IPR)

The exchange will be supported by regional and transregional workshops, fact finding mission ans conferences as well as a knowledge base which will be build.

The knowledge base will contain information on the MKW-good practices and their transferability, and experiences and recommendation on mainstreaming and multi-stakeholder processes to design regional action plans.