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LAirA - Landside Airport Accessibility

LAirA focuses on the integration of multimodal, smart and low carbon mobility in the mobility system of airports in Functional Urban Areas (FUAs).

In general, airports are assets and transnational transport gateways for citizens. Due to the rapid growth of air traffic (10% per year in the EU) the FUAs require actions for the landside accessibility to airports. LAirA targets 56 million passengers and 39 employees in airport systems of Vienna, Budapest, Warsaw, Bologna, Stuttgart, Dubrovnik and Poznan.

The project aims on reducing energy use and environmental impacts of transport activities by changing mobility behaviours of passengers and employees. As well as by creating novel strategies in low carbon mobility planning for local authorities. As a transnational approach, the project integrates seven key areas:
•    Electric mobility,
•    Air-rail links,
•    Walking & cycling,
•    Shared mobility,
•    Intelligent Transport System (ITS),
•    Wayfinding and public transport.

LAirA will develop ITS tools for low carbon mobility planning, build transnational training courses and develop action plans on how to implement low carbon mobility into the mobility systems of airports.