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Intergenerational Social Innovation Support Scheme

The economic and financial crisis has left a strong mark on central Europe’s socio-economic system and demography. Enormous challenges include especially the ongoing increase of unemployment that ultimately results in poverty and social exclusion. Sustainable solutions are urgently needed. The IN SITU project targets unqualified youth and older workers (50 plus), who are long-term unemployed and mainly affected by negative socio-economic developments. Thanks to cooperation in this project, these two generations will learn from each other by exchanging experiences, bridging missing skills and competences. The partnership will jointly develop and implement a tailored business development service and support scheme to promote the integration of the disadvantaged groups into the labour market through social innovation and new social enterprises. The scheme will have at its core regional triangles of key players coming from expert support, care and third sector organisations, social innovation and entrepreneurship experts and public-private funding initiatives. They will pilot and validate new support schemes backed by a joint strategy.