• Events like workshops and conferences held either in the Stuttgart region or in Brussels enable cooperation, know-how-exchange, marketing and influence on political decisions and allow the Stuttgart region to both market itself as a business location and to initiate concrete projects. 

09.10.06 - 13.10.06

Open Days 2006

In 2006, the Stuttgart Region was actively represented at the "European week of the regions and cities" in the consortium of the "Lisbon regions" and held a moderator role within the network of the European metropolitan regions METREX. Under the slogan "invest in Europe?s regions and cities: Public and private partners for growth and jobs" the Region of Stuttgart placed two speakers in the Lisbon regions? consortium for the workshops "restructuring for the knowledge society" and "key factors of global competitiveness: developing win-win strategies". The consortium consisted of Randstad (the Netherlands), Brussels Capitale (Belgium), Emilia Romagna (Italy), Helsinki (Finland), Riga (Latvia), Stockholm (Sweden), Valencia (Spain), West Midlands (UK) and the Stuttgart Region. The introduction of the "Investors Café" constituted a novelty for the Open Days. Here, the Region of Stuttgart presented itself for the first time with an own information stand at the largest meeting of the year about EU regional policy in Brussels. In the framework the Open Days, the housing project Polycity with its biomass combined heat and power plant was presented in the Scharnhauser Park in Ostfildern. The "Open Days 2006" were a common meeting of the Directorate General Regio (Regional Policy) of the European Commission and the Committee of the Regions, in which Brussels-based offices of 135 cities and regions in 14 consortia took part