• Events like workshops and conferences held either in the Stuttgart region or in Brussels enable cooperation, know-how-exchange, marketing and influence on political decisions and allow the Stuttgart region to both market itself as a business location and to initiate concrete projects. 


New Approaches for Financing Innovation

3rd "Brussels Background" Panel Discussions

Innovation is the magic word when it comes to how Europe can best survive today"s global competition. Europe"s products should not be cheaper but instead, better. But innovation is not cheap: The transition from a good idea to a marketable product or service costs money.

This event will introduce European Union projects that specialise in early-phase and innovation financing. The basic idea behind all these projects is to help regions better exploit their innovation potential by distributing the risks of innovation more evenly which improves the likelihood of attracting investors willing to get involved in the early developmental stages of young businesses.

Haus der Wirtschaft, "Reutlingen" Room,

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