• Events like workshops and conferences held either in the Stuttgart region or in Brussels enable cooperation, know-how-exchange, marketing and influence on political decisions and allow the Stuttgart region to both market itself as a business location and to initiate concrete projects. 

26.09.05 - 28.09.05

Fuel Cell Congress 2005 for producers and users

Fuel cell technology has come a long way in the last few years, developing hydrogen fuel for everyday use. Not only in our R&D labs but at a number of production firms and service industries, business people and technicians are discovering the possibilities this new sector of technology has to offer.

The f-cell Forum 2005 offered a unique chance to gather all the latest information and check up on current developments and new markets in the portable, mobile and stationary applications of fuel cell energy.

The symposium is the center of a large number of events related to the fuel cell. The event has had an even stronger international orientation, and involved examples of application with a practical orientation. Speakers from companies and the sciences provided impulses for new problem solutions and showed new market opportunities.

For further information please see www.f-cell.de/english/

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