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funded under LIFE+, environmental policy and administrative practice

Against the backdrop of climate change, the German government will be investing funds over the next few years in extending and upgrading the Neckar waterway. In addition to this comes the obligation to implement the Water Framework Directive. At the same time, the riparian municipalities are planning and investing in the river's long-neglected littoral zones with a view to improving the ecology, recreational quality and attractiveness of the river region.

These plans and investments at the interface between the areas for which central government and local authorities are responsible along the river shoreline must be balanced and coordinated within the scope of the LIFE+ project. Various projects in Ludwigsburg and Remseck am Neckar, as the towns involved, are to demonstrate that this can be done, show the ability of applying this approach to other areas and reinforce the Neckar "brand name" through publicity. The German government, as owner of the Neckar waterway, and the Verband Region Stuttgart are also involved in the project.